Kevin Wheldall: 'Nomanis' - new site for new bulletin

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Kevin Wheldall: 'Nomanis' - new site for new bulletin

Postby Debbie_Hepplewhite » Thu Feb 09, 2017 9:06 am

Kevin Wheldall and colleagues have launched a new blog to enable easy access to the 'Nomanis' bulletin - all the editions!

At the time of flagging this up, they have just published the second edition. Congratulations to the team and we very much look forward to further publications:


The first edition of Nomanis is out and I suspect that many of you will be asking ‘Why Nomanis?’ or perhaps ‘What is Nomanis?’

The detail of the story that lies behind Nomanis is told in the 'About' section, but in brief, it is a "vehicle for promoting the ideas and evidence about effective instruction in reading and related skills, for teachers, parents, fellow professionals and policy makers".

Our aim is to provide readable and engaging accounts of developments in the teaching of reading and writing, distilled from the sometimes rather esoteric, and certainly dry, research literature.

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