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Aus: 'A Journey in Evidence Based Practice' by Jocelyn Seamer

Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2018 11:15 am
by Debbie_Hepplewhite
Principal Jocelyn Seamer provided IFERI with a great blog post about her personal journey of discovery into how best to teach reading, and now she has a blog of her own which is looking very promising indeed.

Take a look at the wide scale progress made in Northern Territory - described in one of Jocelyn's posts:

A Journey in Evidence Based Practice

This article was originally published in a shortened form in the Territory Educator Magazine, Term 2, 2018 when I was Teaching Principal of a very small remote school. ... -practice/

...It is an exciting time to be working in the Northern Territory. We are leading the way with our system supported literacy initiatives and are seeing the beginning of some very pleasing growth as a result. From the Phonological Awareness Kit, to FELA and the supported roll out of Read Write Inc phonics in schools, many teachers are being given the tools to create positive and long lasting change for their students. The really exciting thing isn’t Read Write Inc itself. (Although it is an effective vehicle to deliver high quality, scaffolded reading and writing instruction while reducing your weekly prep time to about half an hour). The truly exciting thing is that a very large number of children in the NT are receiving quality systematic synthetic phonics teaching for the first time. This is important because children do not acquire reading the same way that they acquire language. Exposing and immersing children in books and a literature rich environment is not enough to teach the vast majority to read. A systematic, logical, cumulative approach is useful for all, necessary for most and critical for some.

Do visit Jocelyn's blog - it is worth keeping an eye on this one!

See, also, Jocelyn's blog written for IFERI: ... yn-seamer/

Reading Failure? Not On My Watch! by Jocelyn Seamer

Also, be sure to check out the bank of helpful video clips created by Jocelyn, see here (I must confess to feeling really pleased to note Jocelyn promoting the use of overview Alphabetic Code Charts in one of her videos - something I have worked hard on myself with regard to 'usefulness' for training, teaching and learning - and informing parents/carers):