Fads, myths, misguided practices and accountability

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Fads, myths, misguided practices and accountability

Postby Debbie_Hepplewhite » Fri Jun 26, 2015 1:52 pm

At the time of this posting, the notions of 'learning styles - VAK' and 'Brain Gym', and other fads, are being discredited by quite a number of popular 'Tweeters' and 'Bloggers' in education.

I am suggesting to them in response, however, that far more important an issue than 'learning styles' and 'Brain Gym' is the continued practice of 'multi-cueing reading strategies'.

These are usually known as the 'Searchlights' reading strategies in England since the roll-out of the National Literacy Strategy back in 1998, and the '3-cueing system' elsewhere in the world.

This is such a misguided and potentially damaging practice that we've added some short quotes by Marilyn Jager Adams and Kerry Hempenstall on our IFERI webpage here:

http://www.iferi.org/what-science-and-e ... struction/

I, and others, also continue to raise the issue wherever seems pertinent such as here - see the post below and see my comments:

https://thequirkyteacher.wordpress.com/ ... omment-934

If only all these leading bloggers and tweeters would turn their attention to the multi-cueing issue and not just the 'learning styles' and 'Brain Gym' issue!

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