USA: Open letter from mothers to teachers

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USA: Open letter from mothers to teachers

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We are not “crazy” moms, but well-intentioned parents with formal, academic training in teaching and English language studies.

Kate Mayer received her teaching certificate from San Francisco State University, where she was trained—like many of you—in the methods of Gay Su Pinnell, Irene Fountas, Lucy Calkins, and other balanced literacy proponents. Throughout her time teaching, Kate questioned why she could not reach her lowest performing readers even though she believed she was creating ideal literacy environments that exposed her students to all the things “good readers” need.

Jamie Lynch studied literature at Chestnut Hill College under Dr. Joanna Shaw Myers. While Kate was teaching, Jamie applied the skills she acquired during her literary studies to the world of finance. She saw, first hand, the importance of rhetorical fluency and critical thinking/reading skills in a field far outside the humanities.

When we became mothers, we were committed to raising strong readers. Both of us did what our training told us to do: we filled our homes with books, we made frequent trips to the library, we sang rhyming songs, we talked to our children constantly, we read BOB books, studied sight words, on and on. And, yet, for some of our children, it didn’t work.

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