North Carolina: Phonics is mandated

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North Carolina: Phonics is mandated

Postby Debbie_Hepplewhite » Wed Apr 28, 2021 11:39 am

Progress is happening but painfully slow. Remember the revelations in Rudolf Flesch's book about the need for phonics?

Bill requiring NC schools to use phonics to teach reading backed by Senate committee


APRIL 01, 2021 ... 90305.html

Updated March 30 with passage in NC Senate Education Committee.

North Carolina Senate Republican leaders want schools to emphasize the use of phonics to help deal with how many young children are having challenges learning to read.

The Excellent Public Schools Act of 2021, which was filed on Monday, requires Pre-K and elementary school teachers to be trained in the “science of reading,” a method of reading instruction that stresses phonics. The legislation comes as reading scores have dropped in the state despite the efforts of the Read To Achieve program to improve early childhood literacy.

“Training teachers in the science of reading is a crucial strategy for literacy improvement,” Senate leader Phil Berger, one of the bill’s primary sponsors, said at a news conference Monday.

Senate Bill 387 was approved Tuesday by the Senate Education Committee. It’s been referred to the Senate Rules Committee and could be approved by the full Senate this week.

Read more here: ... rylink=cpy

Rudolf Flesch's original version of 'Why Johny Can't Read' was in 1955! ... 670&sr=8-1

And then stalwarts such as the wonderful Bob Sweet, now deceased, and his friend and associate pioneer Reid Lyon - working so hard since the 1980s to get change:


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