Mark Seidenberg with some thoughts about the 'Science of Reading'

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Mark Seidenberg with some thoughts about the 'Science of Reading'

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Mark Seidenberg shares his thoughts, his worries and his suggestions via his blog:
About the science in “The Science of Reading”

March 2023 ... f-reading/
I was recently in a group zoom meeting (a groom? a zoup?) with some educators who meet to expand their knowledge of reading research. A guest speaker gave a rambling talk about “science of reading” (SoR) issues. Then an experienced educator whose work includes teaching other teachers, asked: “if a student is a good reader, do we need to continue with phonemic awareness instruction?”

My heart sank. Why would a person need to ask this? The goal of teaching children to read is reading, not phonemic awareness. We know that learning to read does not require being able to identify 44 phonemes or demonstrate proficiency on phoneme deletion and substitution tasks because until very recently no one who learned to read had to do these things. Instruction in subskills such as phonemic awareness is justified to the extent it advances the goal of reading, not for its own sake.
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