Simple View of Reading and Writing pdf

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Simple View of Reading and Writing pdf

Postby Debbie_Hepplewhite » Sat May 30, 2015 11:09 am

In response to a parliamentary inquiry in England in 2005, Sir Jim Rose was commissioned to conduct an independent national review of teaching reading in the UK.

In his final report, Rose recommended a model of understanding the two main processes of 'being a reader' in the full sense called the 'Simple View of Reading' (Gough and Tunmer 1986).

This model of understanding reading was described as a 'useful conceptual framework'.

The Government at that time, and subsequent governments, accepted Rose's recommendations and the Simple View of Reading was officially adopted and replaced the reading model introduced in 1998/9 described as the 'Searchlights Reading Strategies'. In other words, the multi-cueing reading strategies model was discredited as there was no basis in research for its many 'strategies' which mainly amounted to guessing words from various cues such as picture cues, context, initial letter cues - with phonics decoding being promoted as a last resort or 'checking the word that you guessed' strategy, or only one of many other, strategies considered to be equally valid.

I have personally found the diagram for the Simple View of Reading invaluable not only for professional 'understanding' but also for practical application. Simply by using the diagram to consider the profile of your pupils' word decoding/recognition' and 'language comprehension' (that is, the level of SPOKEN comprehension, or sometimes this is called 'listening' comprehension), you might be surprised how it helps you to think about your pupils' needs.

I recommend the use of the Simple View of Reading diagram and have found it to be SO practical that I also created a 'Simple View of Writing' diagram which, like the Simple View of Reading, separates the technical skills required for writing - the spelling and handwriting - from the higher-order compositional skills required.

So, I do hope people find this two-side decodable useful, and if you do, it would be great if you left us a message on this thread to let us know how you have used it for your own purposes: ... _model.pdf

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